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** All stall spaces are now filled for Saturday 1st December, 2012.

Stall-Holders - we're looking for the newbies, the people who haven't done a market before, or the ones who have who are still feeling a little green (the not-so-new are still welcome).  We want to help you get your name out there, to help you get started and to let the folks of Christchurch know about you.

If your stall would fall into a few categories like handcrafted items, home-sewing, home baked goods, repurposed and recycled handcrafted goods, new designers making a go at it then this place is for you.

So you're a keen crafter/baker/creative person and you're interested in having a stall?

Please note that stall numbers are strictly limited (24).  You must register your stall to make it certain that you will have a space on the market day.  You can not turn up and hope to find a location as stalls will be allocated.

The area each stall will have is approximately 2½ metres x 2½ metres.  You'll need a trestle table and probably a chair too unless you're ok to stand for 3 hours.

If the weather isn't flash on the day, we'll have to pack it all up so here's hoping it's going to be a good one.  There is no postponement date.

Stall holder fees are $15 per space.  There may be trestle tables for hire, but numbers are strickly limited so you'll need to double-check that we have any available before the day, preferably when you register.

If you have a blog already, let me know and I can set up a link from this page to yours, grab the button and add it to your blog so we can get as much advertising for shoppers as we can.  Let all your friends on Facebook know and ask them to share the good news

Have a look at Stall Holder Tips to make sure you've got everything you need.

Contact Us to claim your space.


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