Stall-holder Tips

Things you'll need:

You will need a table, usually no bigger than a trestle table approx 1.8 metres by about 60cm.  And it can be helpful to have a chair and a bag/purse you can tie onto yourself to hold your float.

A float is a collection of money you'll need to take from to give out the correct change when customers make a purchase.  Now most buyers will bring in notes, and usually a big $20, sometimes they will produce the right amount.  You'll need to make sure you have enough smaller coins and notes to give back exactly the correct change.  For example, if you make your float up to $70, you could have it broken down into 3x$10notes, 4x$5notes, 7x$2coins, 6x$1coins (if your prices don't use 50c coins, then that would work) I hope that adds up to $70.....

Business cards!  Have some with you set on the table (counter top) if you want to be able to be contacted again.  Give them out with each purchase too.

A big ol' sheet to cover your table.  A sheet works but you could look at getting a table cloth or even making a cover that might reach to the ground.... any colour you choose.

We may have some trestle tables available for hire, but there are only a few so if you really, really need one enquire when you register your interest.

Don't expect to make millions on your first (or any) market.  It can be heartbreaking at the end of the day if you haven't made a sale (believe me, I know).  Go into it looking for experience and the thrill of meeting new people, making a sale or two is a bonus.

Last tip for now:  Have fun!  Totally enjoy yourself.  Sit back and enjoy the unique atmosphere a craft market brings.


If you have any tips to add or some questions, use the comments below.

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